Kuehne + Nagel operates more than 500 multi-client and dedicated distribution centres. This global logistics network allows multi-national customers to tap into a single network for consistent, high-quality distribution services worldwide.

All Kuehne + Nagel facilities share common processes and systems, ensuring that you receive reporting and billing in a standard format, as well as consistently excellent levels of customer service, wherever you happen to be. A single systems interface simplifies all data exchange.

We also offer locations globally that are authorised to handle bonded goods and liaise with customs officials.

Our warehousing solutions include:

Multi-client warehouse solutions

Kuehne + Nagel is the single-source service provider for many customers with multiple distribution center needs across the country, continent or globe. Kuehne + Nagel’s global network of multi-client distribution centers gives you unparalleled flexibility to manage your dynamic distribution requirements. Our multi-client warehouse solution enables you to:

  • Access established facilities with networked communications
  • Quickly test markets based on business demand
  • Control warehouse costs by sharing overhead with other clients
  • Control manufacturing costs and reduce inventory by doing final product configuration in the warehouse
  • Ensure consistent quality of services as all Kuehne + Nagel facilities are ISO 9001 certified



Dedicated warehouse solutions

We can design solutions tailored to your unique needs with facilities, equipment and people dedicated to your business. This allows you to focus investments on supporting your core business. Our dedicated warehouse management solutions help you:

  • Reduce inventory through better supply chain planning
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce operational costs through efficient processes and targeted use of warehouse automation
  • Free capital for strategic investments
  • Shift system upgrade costs to a third party