KN PharmaChain - 

For when it matters the most.

We are a focused on quality and service because we know that you have patients
and customers to serve. That is why we put the skills of our highly trained experts and specialised network of Pharma & Healthcare competence centres at your service.  

We ensure that your product is handled and transported in the most appropriate, secure and efficient way possible, delivered on time and in perfect condition. Just as your customers expect.

Your products represent your commitment to high quality, patient safety, compliance and reliability of supply. Our experience, knowledge and technology make sure that you can deliver on this commitment every time. 

KN PharmaChain for Overland moves your products by road in more than 100 countries around the globe, offering a variety of service levels and tailor-made solutions. Our local expertise and global reach handle the most challenging scenarios.

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Why KN PharmaChain

Expertise with global reach

Our most valued asset is our people, and we are proud of our 400+ knowledgeable and passionate Overland specialists active in more than 40 competence centers worldwide. This local expertise is further strengthened by streamlined global processes, our advanced IT solutions and a unique infrastructure, yours to benefit from. To make your supply chain more safe and agile, we invest in temperature-controlled and GDP compliant cross-docking facilities. At the same time, we further our reach by establishing regional partnerships with trusted GDP suppliers, thus creating a European Pharma Fleet at your disposal. 

Peace of mind

Our commitment to you is to be your trusted and dedicated partner who understands your business and your challenges. To care as much as you care.

Expertise with global reach
KN PharmaChain for any compliance level

KN PharmaChain for any compliance level

Meeting your business specific requirements

We know that every business works differently and that every product’s supply chain has its own specific challenges and constraints. That is why we offer customisable features to create solutions that fit your unique needs.

Pharma and Biotech
Ambient and active temperature-controlled solutions for products requiring end-to-end top quality GDP compliant handling and transportation

Healthcare and Medical devices
Agile and fast transport solutions for products that do not require GDP compliance but still need high quality and reliable end-to-end handling.

API & Chemical Preparations
GDP compliant transportation and handling answering to specific Dangerous Goods requirements

KN PharmaChain solutions

Dedicated services

For full-truck transportation of your temperature-sensitive cargo, we support you with our best-in-class equipment, reliable supply and full visibility. We also offer risk mitigation and proactive intervention so that nothing is left to chance.

LTL & shared networks

For optimised transport and cost effective solutions, without quality compromise, we will advise you towards the most efficient solution within our temperature-controlled and GDP compliant Pharma & Healthcare network. Agile transportation and timely delivery remain at the heart of our Pharma & Healthcare LTL services

KN PharmaChain solutions

Adding Value

KN PharmaChain is a powerful offering that pharma and healthcare companies can rely on, regardless if they require standard or granular compliance and monitoring
services. We comply with the highest industry standards and offer added-value services to help you deliver safely and on time.

Carrier Management

  • Detailed pre-selection
  • Rigorous qualification through physical carrier audits
  • Standardised audit methodology and individual quality agreements

Real Time Monitoring

  • Increased real time visibility
  • IoT sensors & trailers with GPS enable the tracking of temperature, location, humidity, door opening, and shocks
  • Preventive and corrective actions if necessary through own 24/7/365 intervention centers across the globe

Own fleet

  • More than 150 dedicated trailers
  • Qualified and Temperature mapped
  • Double deck and dual temperature-equipped for cost optimisation
  • Integrated high security door locking systems
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A trusted industry partner

“KN PharmaChain is people taking care of people. Our teams across the globe handle every request with dedication and all products with the upmost care. This is because we all know that everything we do serves whom it matters the most, the patient.

Our focus is to support our customers to keep up with the ever increasing regulatory requirements and to inform on advances in pharmaceutical and healthcare transportation.”

Simon Bitter, Global Head Pharma & Healthcare Network Overland

A trusted industry partner
KN Login and myKN 360 degree visibility

360° visibility. Active control

myKN is your central point of information that gives you access to KN Login, our track and trace system which will allow you to keep track of your products. That is how we make complexity simple.

  • Planned/actual real-time shipment status
  • Customised reports
  • Shipping advice to customers by email
  • KPI reporting
  • Storage, upload and download of POD hardcopies and temperature records
  • Active EDI interfaces with our customers

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KN PharmaChain

We offer our integrated and customisable KN PharmaChain to increase risk mitigation, decrease write-off,
and in the end, deliver a safe and positive end customer experience.

Because that is what matters the most.